What is Paid Search and Paid Social

Every online business wants to expand their reach and what better way to do this than with online advertising. Over the years businesses have been assigning more of their budget split to online, as a better medium to track their ROI. Digital advertising has also helped business diversify their revenue streams, with the likes of e-stores, and online advertising banners.

Online advertising comprises of different options including PPC (pay-per-click), paid social, online display advertising, and in-app ads. This can be quite a tricky experience for anyone who tries it, especially as a beginner.

Paid Search

As you may know, pay-per-click, or most commonly referred to as PPC, is the most common and effective advertising method. Paid search is a practice that allows you to bid for terms and phrases that will allow text-based ads to be displayed whenever internet users search these keywords looking for products and services on search engines – like Google.

  1. An advertiser bids for the carefully selected keywords,
  2. They enter an ad auction game with other advertisers. This give everyone a chance to be seen by searchers.

So how are you going to get ahead? You should work with a team that has strategists who are familiar with the correct keyword selection process.  Doing a keyword audit that covers your industry and what the volume of searches is for your business keywords is crucial.

Paid Social

Paid social is transforming the online world for the future. It is a known fact that social media is a pastime for millions of people all around the world, and advertisers are tapping into this more than ever before. Strategies are changing and targeting consumers in real-time. The best part of paid social is its ability to target users through demographic data, browsing preferences and social behaviours as well as parameters.

With this brief explanation of online advertising, you should be able to get the idea of how you can incorporate paid search, or paid search (if not both) in your advertising strategies in order to target and meet consumer towards your offerings.

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