What is Brand Identity Design? Crafting a Brand Personality

No matter how you look at it, every brand has its own personality. Whether it was deliberately designed as such, it will always have an intrinsic thread defining it. When a particular brand is mentioned, people generally are able to put a characteristic or personality to it.

Brand identity and design are a crucial element that business owners need to pay attention to because this is how you will be perceived. Brands, products and their identity may sometimes come across having multiple personalities, being temperamental and being unpredictable, which does not help the consumer form a connection with all your various communications, which generally results in a diluted impression.  

Your business and brand have a persona. Look at the brand as a ‘someone’ with qualities, characteristics, a voice. He or she engages and is consistently trying to interact with people. If you, as the owner cannot see your brand having a persona, how will anyone else be able to resonate or just simply relate to what you’re offering?

Through brand identity design, you are able to communicate with your target audience clearly -1) what it is, 2)who you are and 3) what you want to offer and potentially receive from them. Do not get it twisted, when we refer to brand identity, we are not simply talking about a logo. In this case, we are focusing on the message you are trying to convey to people through the construct of who you are. It is through this effort that you are going to differentiate yourself from competitors.


There’s a 5 step process in achieving brand identity design:

  1.    Research, analysis and competitor review
  2.    Brand development through strategy
  3.    Targeted brand design
  4.    Consistent brand communication
  5.    Feedback, insights, performance review and maintenance

Remember that your brand identity needs to be sustainable. By implementing strategy and design, you can unify the deliverance of real values that will resonate with audience. Go back to the drawing board if your brand identity design doesn’t have these qualities. This might be why you are not seeing eye-to-eye with the world.