Common mistakes your website design company might be guilty of

It’s impossible to master every aspect of marketing and design yourself, in addition to running your business hence you hire experts in this field, a website design company to help you do it.

But how can you trust that you’ve picked the best team for the job and that they’re doing everything they can to stay on top of things?

Here are a few common mistakes to look out for which might prove that you need a new website design company.

  1. They aren’t reporting your results regularly

While most agencies use Google analytics or some form of tracking software to keep tabs on how your website is performing, how often are you seeing these results? If you aren’t getting regular feedback with transparent details on how your site is performing in terms of conversions, bounce rates and click throughs, you can’t seethe results of your money spent.

  1. They aren’t testing regularly

A/B testing involves testing two different variants of a web page layout or design to see which one performs better. Doing this small step before going live is a great way to increase the performance of a web page and ensuring you get a better response, faster.

This testing can help pinpoint which colours, words and, even images, your customers are responding to, so that you can implement them in other communications.

  1. Too many CTAs – or an unclear one

It’s critical that a website has a CTA [call to action], but it’s also important that it’s immediately apparent what a customer needs to do when they land on a page.
Websites often cram too many commands onto a single page to a point where customers become confused as to where to go first. Others are unclear about the specific action that must be taken.

A single, clear call to action, such as Share your Email Address or Call this Number,for example, is what customers need.

There are no cutting corners when creating an attractive, functional and modern website. It involves more than a single, once-off effort and requires vigilant maintenance and regular updates and improvements.

Make sure that your website design company of choice is able and willing to work with you in the long-term to make this happen.