"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."
- Steve Forbes


Need business branding or corporate branding that connects your company with your target audience? Does your brand identity design lack the identity you need to stand out from your competitors? Does your brand logo design need a strategic refresh or digitally-savvy revamp? If you answered ‘yes!’ to any of these questions, keep reading…

When formulating any marketing strategy, you need to include business branding, corporate branding, brand activation and brand logo design as key ingredients. There’s no winning brand-building recipe without it.

At StratDigi, we’re more than a branding agency. Sure, we do it all as one of the leading branding companies in South Africa but that’s just the bread and butter. The icing on the brand identity design cake is that we don’t see your business branding as a box to be ticked, we see it as a key to opening all sorts of exciting doors that lead to exponential growth, greater revenue and loyal, return customers who ultimately become your brand’s most effective cheerleaders.

As a branding agency, we know that what your brand looks like and feels like – from its brand logo design to over-arching brand identity design – is a critical component of how your brand, business and offering is perceived by your clients, both current and potential.


“It’s the heartbeat of your company and, when done well, will shift your customers from a state of brand like to brand love. And shift what you offer from a ‘just browsing’ mentality to a buying, ‘add to cart’ mentality.”


“It’s the heartbeat of your company and, when done well, will shift your customers from a state of brand like to brand love. And shift what you offer from a ‘just browsing’ mentality to a buying, ‘add to cart’ mentality.”

As a branding agency with your brand’s best interests at heart, we approach every aspect of your brand identity design – from brand logo design to brand activation and corporate branding – with the attention to detail and sophisticated digital and design marketing expertise it deserves.

Whether your focus is on your online social media plan or your next in-person social event, StratDigi can help you create a branding approach – from logo to holistic look and feel – that your business can be proud of; that accurately communicates your business objectives; and effectively lays the foundation for a robust content marketing strategy that creates and attracts new and repeat customers.

If you’ve been typing ‘logo design Gauteng’ or ‘logo design South Africa’ or ‘branding companies in Gauteng’ in the search bar, call off the search. You’ve arrived! StratDigi is the the branding agency your business has been looking for to be seen, heard and – perhaps most importantly – referred to friends, family, colleagues and peers.


Branding is all of the written and visual elements that make up a brand’s marketing and advertising efforts. These elements should always work together to create a consistent look and tone across all your marketing channels. In short, it’s how you present yourself to – and communicate with – your target audience as they evolve from potential customers to loyal customers.

Branding is made up of, but not limited to, the following pieces of the marketing puzzle:






Business cards




Brand colours, fonts & content tone of voice


Corporate clothing


Name badges


Corporate gifts


Your corporate identity and branding – across all touchpoints of your business – go hand in hand to communicate your brand language and brand message clearly and consistently. Think of branding as the golden thread that runs through every way a potential customer or existing customer experiences your brand; building a relationship from a good first impression to familiar, trustworthy ‘face’.

Branding is as much about how it makes your business look as it is about how it makes your target market feel. At StratDigi, we’ve built our reputation on delivering strategically sound, creatively effective branding that informs everything from your website development and search engine marketing to social advertising and content creation across all of the marketing channels and digital platforms your business needs.


When you invest in your branding, you’re telling your potential customers that you’re the real deal – here to stay. By demonstrating the attention-to-detail you apply to your business, you’re showing your target market the attention to detail they can expect from your business, as a customer. A well-built brand builds trust and trust builds relationships, which is key in not just attracting new business but retaining it, long-term. 

At StratDigi we recognise and respect the power brand loyalty, which is why we’re so passionate about helping to transform a ‘bland’ into a brand, a ‘blend in’ into a stand out and a part of the clutter into a presence that cuts through it. We see branding as more than a versatile ‘product-packaging’ visual identity, we see it as a reflection of your values, culture, goals, objectives and commitment to what you do, and who you do it for. 

If you want to create a striking corporate identity, or are looking for a brand overhaul, but are unsure how to approach the project, you’ve come to the right place. As a Johannesburg-based digital marketing agency with extensive branding experience across the continent, we have the experience and the expertise to partner with you on your brand journey – from logo to landing page, from social media to SEO, from long overdue refresh to full-on rebrand.

Ditch the bland, let’s build a BRAND.