"Web design should be three things: human-centered, compelling and future-proof."

Our digital solutions – including Social Media and Website Design – consider every aspect and step of your audience’s user experience; ensuring, firstly, that they see all of our hard work by getting their eyes on it, and, secondly, that when we’ve got their attention, we keep it by delivering answers to their questions and turning a first impression into a long-term partnership.



In an increasingly digitally-driven and digitally-savvy world, your website is no longer just something you need to do business, it’s a deciding factor in whether or not your ideal customer wants to do business with you. It’s not enough to just have a website that looks the part, your website needs to be designed as part of a greater digital eco-system, strategically crafted and expertly considered with the user experience in mind. So that leads become sales and interest becomes revenue. That’s where a reputable web design company (like us) and an experienced web designer (like each and every one of our web design team) comes in.

“Not all websites are created equal. Cyberspace is a crowded place, crammed with millions of websites all vying for attention, which is why your website needs to come out on top – both in terms of search results, content and visual appeal.”

If you arrived here by typing Web Designers Fourways or Website Design South Africa or Website Design Johannesburg into your browser, you’ve come to the right place. As one of the most innovative, creative and strategically-led website design companies in Johannesburg with some of the best web designers in the business, we know all too well the benefits of a well-designed website – and how to conceptualise, design and deliver one for your business.

Having a beautifully designed website that turns into a jumbled, incoherent mess the moment it’s viewed on a smartphone instead of a laptop simply isn’t an option, which is why at StratDigi we partner with our clients to create fully responsive websites that perform optimally across all devices and operating systems.

When it comes to website design, BEST PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

A good website – and best-in-the-business website design – delivers an excellent user experience that converts visitors into customers; is both visually appealing and compatible with all devices; and delivers content that adds value to those consuming it. 

Whether you’re starting from a clean slate or feel that your website needs a professional revamp, at StratDigi we believe in collaborating with our clients to create websites that provide a fully responsive, intuitive User Experience (UX) and perform well across all devices, ensuring that your website becomes one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal.

If your company is already investing in email marketing, search engine marketing, or any form of digital marketing, your efforts should lead potential customers back to your website. Not seeing the website traffic you’d hoped for? 


Social media is no longer an optional extra for businesses looking to increase revenue and reach, it’s a key piece of the brand presence puzzle and instrumental in increasing your market reach, conducting do market research and reducing marketing costs.

When used insightfully, skilfully and with just the right balance of strategy and creativity, your brand’s social media presence will attract customers, build a sense of community, generate genuine customer feedback, cultivate customer loyalty and get you more bang for your advertising buck. Turns out, there really is a lot to like about social media.

Why StratDigi for your social media needs?

We guarantee the selection of the most appropriate platforms for your business, whether that be Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Tik Tok – or some (if not all) of the above.

We pride ourselves on creating in-depth strategies that place equal emphasis on the management of social media campaigns and the detailed metrics required to report back, thoroughly.

We meticulously measure your social media activity against one thing, your core objectives, which is how we are able to hone in on precisely where your business needs to go, who it needs to target and what it needs to post/share.


Yes, social media is a marketing superpower and, when these powers are placed in the right hands – and used for good – a post a day can keep the competition at bay. But social media (however share-worthy and potentially viral) is a supporting act, not the lead, in your marketing efforts.

Social Media Management does three things:


CREATES brand presence


SUPPORTS other marketing efforts


REAFFIRMS core business messages

Here’s what Social Media Management doesn’t do:

It doesn’t generate direct leads.

While some lead generation is possible, and given attention to in these management services, if you are looking for fast and direct response lead generation, then you’d need to opt for a lead generation or social media advertising campaign.

It doesn’t give you control over your audience.

One major limitation of organic social media marketing is that you have no control over your audience. The social media platform algorithms control how much reach organic posts get in front of your built audience. With an ever-increasing amount of information flowing through social media channels, it appears business channels get less and less reach every month. This lack of control and real ownership is important for you to understand as it should be part of our thinking when determining how we use the audience developed in these channels.


Speak to us about developing a email marketing database off the back of your social media efforts by convincing your social media audience to join your email database through sporadic posting. Once the social media audience has agreed to join the email database, we then have control over the marketing communications that will reach your target audience. Think of social media as the dartboard and email marketing as the dart.


Where strong targeting equals ‘low cost per lead’ leads. Aimed at building a database of targeted leads, our social media advertising lead generation service delivers a database of targeted leads for ongoing nurturing and marketing, at a cost per lead that is very attractive.

The process runs through a targeted Facebook ad with some form of lead bait, to a landing page where prospects leave their details if they would like a copy of the lead bait. Details get stored in a database for email or other marketing. Please note, our social advertising lead generation service requires a budget for Facebook which is NOT included in the service fee.