“Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”
– Albert Einstein



When you’re not an event organiser by profession, event planning is stressful. That being said, a well-considered, well-executed conference, workshop, trade expo or team-building event can be an extremely effective way to get valuable face time with your audience and build your brand in-person, supporting all your hard work in print and in pixels. At StratDigi we offer our clients everything needed to conceptualise and pull-off an event that’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Three words: Fuel, ignite and accelerate. Whether you’re looking to launch, evolve or grow your brand, our events company and experienced events organisers have the expertise to plan, execute and manage your corporate events, private events and team-building events, from conference save the dates to RSVPs, from set up to break down of workshops, expos and trade shows from keynote speakers to every detail that makes an event the talk of the town – and your industry.

So, if your event, workshop or activation calls for an A-list comedian or a TED Talk-worthy thought leader; a world-class performer or industry-leading educator; a memorable teambuilding concept or a chef with all the right ingredients, look no further that StratDigi events management and events organisers to put the spotlight on your brand in the best possible way.


Here’s just some of the elements we can bring to the table for your workshops, expos, trade shows, team-building, corporate and private events:


Comedians, Celebrities, Chefs & Musical Performers (instrumental & vocal)


MCs, DJs, Photographers & Videographers


Keynote Speakers & Motivational Speakers


Endorsement Contracts & Sponsorship


Translators & interpreters




Events Management & Project Management


Promotional material (incl. branding & handouts)

Never just a spend, always a return on investment.

It’s our job to use every cent of your hard-earned (and often hard-negotiated) marketing budget (allocated to events) wisely. Our events management team and event organisers  know which event elements are must-haves and which are nice-to-haves, making sure that what we propose is always the best bang for your buck – and your brand objectives.

We always have a Plan A (and B, C, D and E)

Probably the main reason for working with our events management team and experienced events organisers is the fact that, “we know people who know people”. Within the events and entertainment industry, we can get access to venues you can’t, secure people and places at more competitive rates and have several talented, connected events industry ‘names’ on speed dial should we need to go from Plan A to Plan B in between registration and the first canapé. Think you request is a bit left field? Don’t be shy, ask us. There’s a really good chance that, ‘We know a guy.”