Where do SEO services fit within your business strategy?

SEO (search engine optimisation) services are important to establishing and raising your business or brand visibility online. It helps your business to be found and sustain its position in the digital landscape.

The services are informed by an SEO strategy, which is in turn is part of a marketing strategy that is guided by a brand strategy. This may sound complicated but it is a very simple sequence.

Before seeking SEO services in Gauteng, make sure that you understand the respective strategies. They should be created in this order:

      1. Your overall business strategy.

This is the working plan for achieving your vision and includes all the practical aspects of your business model. If it’s a product, it informs the manufacturing process, materials used, cost to produce and projected profits. A service may include how the hours are structured at what cost and what you will need to deliver the service.

     2. Your brand strategy.

This is a cornerstone of your business strategy and describes your product or service position in context of its competitors, customers and their motivations. It differentiates your product or service from any other from a perceptual point of view, regardless of medium or media vehicle, and defines your brand. It is consistent and is established prior to any marketing efforts.

     3. Your marketing strategy.

This describes how you will take your brand strategy to market, where and how to reach potential customers. It will include a digital strategy for communicating with an online audience.

     4. Your SEO strategy.

This is about optimising your digital brand presence based on search engine results and keywords that your customers use to find you.

Once all of these strategies are in place, you are ready to deploy a range of SEO services to meet the respective objectives. These may include:

  • Keyword analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Meta data
  • Link building
  • Website analytics
  • Google analytics
  • Google my business
  • Website and digital content

As a business owner, you know very well not to jump into tactics without a guiding strategy. Developing a communication strategy is based on more than numbers and figures, but also an in-depth understanding of the business market, consumer behaviour and communication principles. These can be developed based on experience or extensive qualifications, but there are no short-cuts.

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