Website design in context of your business

Your business is up and running and it may seem like a simple after thought to use a template or employ a student to create a website that showcases your product or service.

The chances are, this will suffice in the short term. But as your business grows, technology changes and consumers start expecting online engagement and fulfillment of service, does your basic and static website still meet your needs?

Apart from being a functional aspect of running your business and servicing your existing customers, your website also needs to be visible when potential customers search for a solution in their area or based on their requirements. It is often their first – and possibly only – experience of your brand prior to making the decision of whether to become a customer or not.

Turning your website and its associated digital pages into a star member of your workforce requires a guiding strategy and on-going effort. Like any productive or talented employee, it needs to be nurtured and appreciated.

What goes into a successful website design?

Brand strategy

This describes your brand positioning in the mind of existing or potential customers. It exists as part of your business strategy and is developed prior to a logo, business or brand name or any associated pieces of communication.

If your business hasn’t developed one, professional agencies or brand strategists will help you to do so prior to creating or refreshing your website. Your brand strategy is what a web designer will follow in creating your website, and marketing, technical, graphic and copywriting specialists will bring that strategy to life accordingly.

SEO and Digital Content Strategy

This will be based on extensive keyword research and market understanding. The aim is to configure your website and its associated pages like blogs or social media profiles to be relevant and meaningful to the right people at the right time – when they are actively looking for the kind of solution you offer. Clearly, this needs to fulfill your brand strategy requirements.

It is possible, with the right approach, to turn your website into your primary means of introduction for your business brand, and to sustain and grow your ROI accordingly. When seeking a web design company, ask to meet the brand strategist. Account managers will simply manage the flow of work once it is in the system and be your primary point of contact with the agency, but does the agency have the insight and experience to create or implement a meaningful and long-lasting brand strategy prior to commencing any work?