Tips For Getting Seen On Digital From A Johannesburg Digital Marketing Agency

In our previous blog, we went through the basic steps that your Johannesburg digital marketing agency should take you through when adding digital approaches to your existing marketing strategy. In that blog, we briefly mentioned some of the platforms available, and in this post, we’ll go into a bit more detail on how you can use specific elements to get seen on the digital landscape.

First Things First – SEO

One of the first things you need to do to increase your visibility is to ensure your website is SEO optimised, and to undertake SEO activities to boost rankings. SEO isn’t a once off, instant process, but rather a long-term one that will produce lasting results. Any digital marketing agency that tells you that they can get your website to instantly rank at first place on Google for the relevant keyword or search term, is most likely not giving you the full picture. This is because sustainable organic ranking is only possible through months of continuous efforts in both on-page (keyword research, internal linking and meta tag optimisation) and off-page efforts (directory submissions and local page creation).

We believe that paid search engine marketing is also essential in addition to search engine optimisation to increase your online visibility and rankings. This would involve various forms of Google AdWords PPC ads.

Next – Social Media

The next step that a business can take is social media advertising, but it goes beyond getting customers to like your page or posts. Specific social media campaigns should have a goal in mind, such as getting email addresses to create a customer database, or even just promoting specials that lead followers to your online store.

Then – Email Marketing

People tend to trust recommendations from others, and email marketing can be used to increase your business’s digital visibility. By relying on extended email marketing campaigns that offer discounts or free gifts for successful referrals, you create a reason for your clients to keep you in the spotlight for longer.

These are just some of the ways that your business can get seen on digital, using just a few of the tools available to us. The exact combination, timing, and spend for each will depend on the specific strategy that your Southern Africa digital marketing agency recommends you should follow. If you haven’t yet started, StratDigi is happy to help.