How To Ensure That Good Web Design Makes For A Great Website

The importance of your website cannot be overstated. It is the foundation of every digital marketing activity you’ll perform, as well as the window to your business which will either attract or dissuade thousands of people to use your services.

This means that if you need web design services in Johannesburg or the rest of South Africa, you’ll need to make sure that the following fundamental web design principles are being adhered to:

Does it have a purpose?

Great web design in and of itself will not be enough to ensure that your website contributes to your business’ success. The first thing you need to do before design work even begins, is figure out what you want the purpose of your website to be. As soon as you you’ve established that, the design can be used to support that purpose.

Does it look great?

Once you have your purpose set, the design can begin to reinforce and support that purpose through using design elements that will make the website easy to read, and fun to use. This also includes ensuring that the website is designed to be responsive, meaning that anyone, whether accessing your site from a smartphone or desktop pc, will have a great experience.

Does it navigate well?

One of the most important factors of a website’s design that has to be kept in mind is whether it allows for browsers to easily and quickly navigate through it. This means ensuring that the menus are easily accessible, and that content isn’t hidden behind overly-complicated site structures. If your website design does not make navigation straightforward, you’ll be losing out on a lot of leads, and conversions.

Does it give readers something to do?

Your business will be focused on a specific target market, which means that when they visit your site, they should be reading and looking at elements that draw their attention. This is where a focused, high-quality content plan comes in. Not only does unique, well written content help to boost your trustworthiness with your audience, it also goes a long way towards boosting your site’s SEO as well.

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