How top SEO companies in Johannesburg integrate digital into client marketing strategies

As a business owner, you understand the importance of marketing strategy, but are struggling with digital execution? We don’t blame you. There are so many digital marketing elements out there, and each one has its own list of pros and cons. As one of the most successful SEO companies in Johannesburg, StratDigi believes a digital marketing strategy should start with SEO. Keep reading to find out why – and how we do it.

Why start with SEO?

Of the many clients that turn to us for help in extending their current marketing strategy into the digital environment, most already have a website,and want to know what the next steps are to get the word out about their business to current and prospective clients.

We always recommend starting with SEO, because as any of the SEO companies in Johannesburg will tell you, it’s a long-term, ongoing process that needs months of consistent and prolonged efforts to create lasting results. Once it’s gained traction, it can skyrocket your business’s search engine ranking, which means it creates the foundation of your future marketing efforts.

On-Page SEO

We kickstart efforts by optimising our client’s on-page SEO, which entails improving the website to get better search engine results, and also to ensure that site visitors have a great browsing experience. Not all SEO companies in Johannesburg take this approach, which is what makes us one of the best.

We also research and identify optimal keywords for our client’s industry to ensure that their website features keywords that are relevant to search engines and the business’ target audience and location. Then we create readable, keyword optimised website content to hook the audience by explaining what the business offers – how, when, where and why.

We don’t believe in creating uninteresting, keyword-heavy content either. For this reason, unlike many other SEO companies in Johannesburg, our copywriters are skilled in creating search engine optimised content people want to read.

With all these foundational steps done, we’ll set up a Google Analytics account to benchmark and measure the website’s traffic and see what’s working and what isn’t.

This is just a small fraction of our SEO services. Part of our digital campaigns is also centred on providing off-page SEO services, alongside other forms of digital marketing, like email and social media marketing. As one of the only SEO companies in Johannesburg that can assist your business with an inclusive digital marketing strategy, we recommend that you choose us to start the process of integrating digital elements into your marketing strategy.