It’s Old But It’s Gold, Content Is King. Here’s Why Your Business Needs A Content Plan.

 June 7, 2017
 It’s no secret that the average internet user is flooded with online advertisements on an ongoing basis and because of that, getting your brand noticed amongst the clutter is getting increasingly difficult. One of the best ways to stifle the noise and stand out from the other brands is by strategising and implementing a great content plan.

Does your business plan include a winning content plan? No? Well here is some food for thought about the importance of getting one in place.

  • It makes you more than just another brand

Because of the proliferation of corporate and brand communication, many brands’ messages have been diluted over time. Think about how many ‘Big Sale Now’ online ads you see in a week. The end result is internet users becoming wary of online adverts.

This is where great content shines. By providing your audience with regular, quality content, that develops your brand message and represents you as an expert in your field, you immediately place your brand name above the next “ale” banner.

  • It creates a trusted brand, one people turn to for solutions

The benefits of implementing a content plan don’t stop at becoming a trusted brand. Providing your audience with great content means you suddenly have readers who trust you, and are willing to part with their email addresses in exchange for more added value, which means your lead generation is in the bag.

Great content also has a much better chance of being shared across social media platforms, which gives your brand an awareness boost that doesn’t cost you a cent.

The trust you engender in your readership creates a place for them to come back to, which quickly turns into your brand becoming a trusted voice online.

  • It creates online brand real estate

Every piece of content you publish is indexed on your website by Google. This means that your website, and by extension, your brand will start getting better organic search hits every time a user searches for topics related to your services. This is further compounded when your audience shares or comments on your content.A good tick in the SEO struggle box.

  • But there is a caveat

Getting a content plan in place that delivers on all the above points can’t happen overnight. You need to provide high quality content that is appealing to your audience, and above all, is well written. The content you provide should also be unique, as it boosts your search engine rankings, and gives your readers something to come back to every week.

Well written and unique content is also only half the battle. You have to ensure that the content you publish online is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly. This means you have to include the correct keywords in the post, it should be focused on the correct market, and have good structure.

If you feel that your business could benefit from a well implemented content plan, but you’re unsure whether you have the time to do it yourself, or have the necessary resources, you can think about partnering with a digital marketing agency that will make you a trusted voice online.

Guess what? We’re that agency! Get in touch today!

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