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As a top digital marketing agency in Johannesburg, StratDigi can advise you on using Google AdWords, display banner campaigns, rich media banners and remarketing to get your business ahead in today’s competitive online environment.

Google Adwords

Do you want to attract and reach the right people at the right time? Then you need Google AdWords!

This Pay Per Click (PPC) digital advertising product should form a core part of your digital marketing strategy.  It’s any digital marketing strategist’s not-so-secret weapon in the quest to attract new website visitors and increase online sales from a search engine marketing perspective.

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How does AdWords Work

In simple terms – people enter certain words and phrases of specific products and services into a search engine, and if these words or phrases match what you’re offering (and use in your AdWords campaign) it will appear next to, or above the results of your organic search results, prompting people to visit your website.  Sound simple enough, but there’s much optimisation taking place in the backend to avoid wastage and that your leads are those most likely to convert.

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Be Seen

Display Banner Campaigns

Also referred to as banner advertising, display banner campaigns use a combination of text, graphics, and animated or interactive rich media to target a carefully selected audience. Like most forms of search engine marketing, it is highly measurable, cost effective, and is prioritised by search engines according to relevance, increasing your chances of success. It can also be targeted to include the browser’s location, mobile device type, language, time,and can even be auto-tagged. If you need a professional approach to banner advertising that will help ensure your campaigns efficiency allow our Johannesburg SEO company to assist you with creating and planning your display banner campaigns.

Banner Advertising

Programmatic Display

Programmatic Display is the real time, automated, buying and selling of impressions. If a bid on the ad is won, it is displayed instantly on the publisher’s site. It can be optimised with an advertising campaign’s KPIs in mind, or to increase reach, traffic, or conversions. It’s a valuable tool that can be used by advertisers to show their campaign to people who have a greater chance to be interested in engaging with the brand.

Remarketing Campaigns


Remarketing recognises and targets visitors that were in the process of converting into sales on your website, but didn’t complete the process. It displays adverts based on these visitors’past activity on your site when they visit any other site on the Google Display Network.

Retargeting can help a business determine how to finetune or redirect their campaigns to focus on audiences with a higher interaction rate. This can be done by creating a retargeting list of people who’ve visited a popular web page and then tagging them with AdWords campaigns tailored to their browsing behaviour.

Adding all the above services to your current arsenal of SEO optimisation services can only benefit your business, so contact our digital consultancy today to get started.

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