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Need a branding solution that connects your company with your target audience?

Are you lacking an identity that sets you apart from your competition? 

Do you need a brand revamp? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then read on…

When formulating any marketing strategy, one needs to look at brand identity as a key factor on how your business is perceived by your clients, both current and potential.  It’s the heartbeat of your company, and should emanate the brand ethos through all contact points.  When it comes to digital marketing, your branding will have an impact on everything from your digital marketing strategy, to the way you approach your social media plan.

StratDigi can help you create a branding approach that your business can be proud of, that accurately communicates your business objectives, and will be effective in laying the foundation for a robust content marketing strategy that creates and attracts new and repeat customers.

What is

Branding is the written and visual elements that make up your marketing and advertising efforts.These elements should always work together to create a consistent look and tone across all your marketing channels. In short, it’s how you present yourself to and communicate with your target audience as they evolve from strangers to loyal customers.

It comprises of all your marketing elements such as:

  • Logo
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • Website
  • Brand colours, fonts & content tone of voice
  • Corporate clothing
  • Name badges
  • Corporate gifts

Branding is essential in informing your corporate identity design, and it also dictates what your website development and design restrictions will be. Branding Agency also impacts how you approach social advertising, search engine marketing, and content creation across all the digital marketing platforms you use.

Branding / Marketing


When you invest in your branding, you’re telling your potential customers that you’re here to stay. Essentially, you’re providing them with services and products to trust in, and a distinct culture and personality to associate with your business. This will ensure that your business will be recognised and remembered over your competitors.
Not only does branding provide your business with a visual identity, but it also communicates the values, features, and benefits of your offerings in such a way that it incorporates your business’s overall culture, goals, and objectives. This will inform how customers see your business, and the feelings they associate with it, now and in the future

If you want to create a striking corporate identity, or are looking for a brand overhaul, but are unsure how to approach the project, contact us. We are a Johannesburg-based digital marketing agency with clients throughout the continent, and can provide you with digital consultancy and SEO services that will help your business succeed.

Branding Benefits

To help you create a brand identity to  be proud of!

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