Corporate identity design and why it’s important

New Brands

As a digital marketer for new brands and businesses, StratDigi knows what it takes to get recognised, established, and become successful. We believe that before you pay a cent on any kind of advertising, you should create a corporate identity design that is a true reflection on your brand.  This should be the first step when developing/reviewing your marketing plan.

Here’s what it entails and why it’s so important:

In essence, your corporate identity design is what your business looks like at every point of contact with the public. It encompasses the business’ personality, communication style, and look and feel. The reason this needs to be done first is that it will inform all your marketing efforts going forward. It’s also important that your intangible and tangible elements correspond with each other to create a holistic experience for potential customers when they encounter your business.

What are some of the proven benefits that a good, well thought-out corporate identity design offers?

  • It increases revenue – When a potential customer decides to engage with your brand they’ll experience your adverts, packaging, staff, and products in a certain way. Should they interact with you online or ‘like’ your social media pages, they’ll expect consistency. Research shows that consistent brand presentation has an attributed average revenue increase of 23%. It’s therefore important that your corporate identity design is well defined and documented from day-dot, making it easier for your staff to emanate this in all the communications they distribute on the brand’s behalf.
  • It attracts investors – A survey undertaken by Reuters into why new brands fail or succeed, revealed that over 80% of investors use a brand’s strength and recognition to judge whether it would make a good investment. If you’re looking to grow your business in the future, paying attention to this detail can make you an attractive prospect to your target market.
  • It helps to guarantee future business – Having one loyal customer is better than five once-off buyers. Building loyalty depends on how customers experience your brand, and it’s been proven that this happens during their first interaction with it. You only get one shot to make a lasting impression, so having an authentic corporate identity designwill encourage this.

There are just some of the many benefits offered by building a quality corporate identity design for your business from the outset. To find out what other benefits you can look forward to and to get started on creating your own, contact StratDigi today.