Things to consider when launching a new business or brand.


A big decision you’ll make when launching a new business or brand will be which marketing agency you should select to help promote your business. That being said, it’s just as important to highlight which elements they should pay attention to, in what order, and for what purpose.

MarketingAt StratDigi, we provide a complete digital marketing solution and can help you answer the above questions.

Here’s what we believe new businesses and brands should focus on:

Priority 1: Create your corporate identity.

What does your business look like and what is its personality? Start by creating a corporate identity that encompasses your offline appearance – like your logo, business cards, and staff uniforms.  This also includes your online appearance, which focuses on how your website will look, your social media pages, and the emails you’ll send out, to name but a few considerations.

Priority 2: Select your offline platforms

How you’ll communicate with your target market will depend on your location, budget, desired outcomes, and business sector. If you’re choosing traditional advertising like flyers, radio, or event promotions, ensure that they fit in with your overall marketing goals, and will provide you with a measurable ROI. When choosing a marketing agency, don’t forget to enquire about these services.

Priority 3: Choose your digital mediums

In today’s marketing ecosystem, it’s encouraged to incorporate digital marketing into your existing traditional marketing plan. Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve, select the appropriate online mediums, like social media, and or search engine adverts that will complement your offline efforts.

Priority 4: Build a professional website

Once you’ve investigated the ideal digital marketing mediums for your business, and linked them with your desired incomes, you’ll need a website. It’s the place where all your digital efforts will lead to, and should ideally encourage sales, leads, and help to answer any queries visitors might have. This is something your digital marketing agency should be able to facilitate with.

Priority 5: Set your marketing objectives

Once you’ve completed steps 1- 4, you can set a marketing budget and decide exactly what combination of offline advertising and online social media campaigns, AdWords, and SEO you’ll need to use. This may not be your field of expertise, and that’s ok because if you’ve selected the right marketing agency they will help guide you each step of the way, ensuring your strategy is tailored to your company’s business objectives.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs, where we’ll break down how to carry out each step, with useful hints and tips to help you through the process. If you’re ready to start any of the above steps and are looking for an agency to help you, contact StratDigi today.

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